Bo Burnham photographed by Tim Gray.

Robert Pickering Burnham, known as Bo Burnham (b. August 21 1990) is an American comedian, singer-songwriter, musician, and actor from massachusetts

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"I think it would collapse my heart if I was super famous. I don’t have the nerve for it, I’m too anxious. I don’t know how you’re not obsessed with how people perceive you, because they’re real people, you know? You can convince yourself that they don’t really know you, and that’s true, but how can it not hurt your feelings?"


Bo Burnham and Ray Narvaez jr. being cute


i dont remember if i ever put all 4 boys in a photoset together so here ya go if u want it!!

imagine if there was only one work of each media



People would all be reading “the book” and every week they would be watching “the movie”. On TV you would be watching “the show” while listening to “the song” on your computer. And the gamers among us would be playing… and sometimes losing… “the game”

i fucking hate you



have u guys seen these photos?

now I have